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Why Every Website Needs a Chatbot

Have you heard about chatbots yet?

They are rapidly becoming an essential tool for businesses just like yours!

But what exactly is a chatbot? And why do you need one?

Chatbots are AI-powered tools that run on your website and allow visitors to ask questions and even hold basic conversations – all on autopilot and without any involvement from you or your team.

Businesses just like yours are using them to:

  • Increase website conversions
  • Boost engagement and response rates
  • Provide quick answers to questions 24/7
  • Save money on hiring support agents
  • Streamline the buying experience
  • Qualify website visitors

…and more!

At Chat2Leads, we provide a simple but powerful chatbot solution that you can use to get your own personal chatbot on your website – no coding skills required.

Support Chatbot for Website

We have several Chatbot demos put together, so that you can see what they could look like. Check out the chatbot demos here.

Would you like to talk more about how we can implement a chatbot into your website?  Email us at and let’s discuss how a chatbot can fit your needs!

Customer Support Chatbot